Why rent expensive equipment when the professionals at J&L Underground can save you time and money ?

Placing Communcations ducts

Underground Utility Installation

We place all underground utilities to residential and commercial properties.

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Sewer repair


Everything from installing new plumbing to repairing existing plumbing.

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Septic install
Septic install

Septic Installation

We are licensed to install new septic systems from basic to advanced. We can also repair basic and advanced septic systems.

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Septic Inspection

We inspect existing septic systems for real-estate assessments and evaluations and homeowners.

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Utility locating

Private Locating

We specialize in locating private utilities that property owners or companies need located.

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Directional drilling

Directional Boring

Our directional drill can bore under your yard, trees/shrubs, garden, driveway, or street while keeping your home looking nice and neat.

Directional Boring

Septic Filter

Save your septic system by installing a septic filter. A septic filter keeps trash from destroying lateral field.

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Grave Burial

We take care with the placement of your loved ones final resting place.

Grave Burial

French Drains

We can’t stop water, but we can move it away from your house fast.

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